Cable Retrieval Systems

The Cable Retrieval System is a unique portable system designed to rapidly recover all types of cables, which principally is used in the Broadcast Industry with specialist Triax, Fibre Optic, BNC and XLR cables.

It can be used with any type of coilable cable with fingertip variable speed control using your existing cable reels and drums.

In the event of a snagged cable the unit will go from full speed to stop in ¼ of a rotation utilising our custom made slip clutch and ECU which will automatically detect the increase in torque & engage the slip clutch to prevent damage to your cables.

The system is powered by either mains power 230/240V at 400W or via a portable generator.

In a worst case scenario should you have a site power failure, the unit can still be operated using the manual cranking handle.

If used on uneven ground the system can operate up to a max of 10 degree or 6” (15 cm) of tilt back, forwards and left to right.

This system can also accommodate most other standard drum types by using a 2nd drive shaft & retro fitting a flange plate to your existing drums; this is achieved by the use of the adjustable motorised platform.

IP 65 rated to withstand the harshest of weather conditions with an operating ambient temperature range of -20c to + 40c.

The entire system comes in at under 55kgs.

The unit comes with an option to have an adjustable lighting pole & led light fitted for when you run out of daylight.


Cable Retrieval Systems, your cables – our recovery solution.